The Knowledge empowers leadership skills ~ strengthens professional understanding ~ inspires business success and growth

For your investment, in any one of four ways, The Knowledge Group will provide you with unique, professional influence, leading to increased and sustainable profitability.

"2013 was the year that Britain began to climb out of recession, but this recovery will only continue if we each take individual initiative and drive things forward for our own businesses, professions, and communities." - Ken Pye

Simply choose which of our specific services are right for you ....

Knowledge Programme

Over the six days of the Knowledge Programme, significant and influential individuals and organisations will pass their expertise and experience directly to you. The essential ingredients include:

  • Expert briefings
  • Conversations
  • Debates
  • Workshops

All taking place in locations and with organisations that are not normally accessible to the public.

The next Programme begins Thursday 5th June 2014 and the programme fee is £2000.

Key Knowledge Programme

The two-day, Key Knowledge Programme costs £1000, and is for senior-level, top-flight Managers, Directors, and CEOs. It is designed for professionals whose time is limited and therefore valuable.

The next Programme begins on Tuesday 1st and Wednesday 2nd April followed by Wednesday 8th and Thursday 9th October.

The Exclusive Knowledge

Wherever you are, and whatever the size of your organisation, The Exclusive Knowledge will design and deliver a bespoke, leadership and business development programme. This will give you the expertise and understanding to achieve your own, specific, organisational visions and goals.

Programmes are tailored for any number of people, and last for one or more days, as requested and as appropriate. Fees are based on a daily rate or cost per contract.

The Knowledge Network

The Knowledge Network is an independent, non-aligned and informal association of professional people. We increase our own business opportunities, but do so ethically, and to the benefit of wider society.

We believe that we are more effective together; stronger together; and that we can better serve our communities together.

There are no fees for membership of the Knowledge Network.

What is The Knowledge Group?

Business and professional success remain dependant on two things ~ ‘what you need to know’ and ‘who you need to know’:
The Knowledge Group
became established in and around modern Liverpool City Region ~ the fastest growing economy in Britain ~ and which is a crucible of innovation, entrepreneurship, imagination, creativity, and energy. It is these essential elements that inform and drive all that we offer.

Whatever your professional sector may be, in these unpredictable times, information and understanding are the keys to sustainability and profit ~ this is because ‘knowledge truly is power’.

So, do you have the necessary networks and understanding at your fingertips to fulfill your professional ambitions?

  • Ken Speaking in the Metropolitan Cathedral, at the Big Hope Launch, in 2009
    Ken Speaking in the Metropolitan Cathedral, at the Big Hope Launch, in 2009
  • Ken giving one of his broadcasts
    Ken giving one of his broadcasts
  • Ken Working with young leaders in Brussels.
    Ken Working with young leaders in Brussels.
  • Speaking in the Concert Room of St George's Hall
    Speaking in the Concert Room of St George's Hall
  • Are you keeping up with all the latest developments in business, the professions, and the wider infrastructure?
  • Do you know the right people ~ better still, do they know you?
  • What resources are you drawing on to make your decisions, and are these adequate?
  • Are you a true leader in your profession, or merely a spectator?

Led by respected Business Leadership Professional, Ken Pye, and operating as a 'not-for-profit' organisation with very clear social objectives, ‘The Knowledge’ will provide you with all these tools and more; enabling you ~ and your organisation ~ to truly succeed and achieve.