Ken Pye: The Knowledge

Expert Personal and Professional Leadership and Business Development Consultancy Service

For every type of business, organisation, and agency 
these are challenging and complex times;
but this is also a time of opportunity and possibility …. for example:

  • Do you have a genuinely clear set of goals, and a well-defined route map of how to achieve these?
  • Are your staff, colleagues, or members motivated and inspired to be the very best that they can be?
  • Do you, and they, know how to identify and access all available opportunities to deliver your shared goals?
  • Do you, and your key people, have the necessary knowledge and capacity to do so?
  • Do you, and they, have the necessary resources to be fully enabled and empowered?

A bespoke 'Knowledge' programme, workshop, or presentation, exclusively designed for you by Ken Pye, 
will enable you to answer “Yes!” to all of these questions.

Wherever you are in the world, and whatever size your organisation may be,
we will deliver a strategic consultancy service to enable you to achieve your key objectives.
In detailed consultation with you we will design an appropraite, bespoke, business-leadership or professional-development service, focussed on your own, specific, organisational vision or your specific project goals.
In the process, we shall unify, energise, and inspire everyone tasked with achieving your required outcomes and outputs.

Ken working with a group of Senior Managers and Directors on Leadership Development
Ken working with a group of Senior Managers and Directors on Leadership Development

Following an initial, detailed, analytical discussion, with you and your appropriate colleagues,
Ken Pye will create an inspiring and motivational presentation, educational programme, or workshop.

These can be for any number of people, and could last for one or more days, as required and as appropriate.
Comprising an agreed blend of expert briefings, workshops, and seminars, as well as practical, hands-on learning experiences,
our input is designed to inspire as well as inform.
Also, we can deliver one-off, highly motivating and inspirational presentations, 
followed by discussions, Q&A, or group work, with any size and type of audience, in any part of the world.

As a direct result of a 'Ken Pye: Knowledge' contribution to your learning and development,
people are better equipped to achieve their professional goals and deliver their business targets.

Internationally respected leadership professional, Ken Pye, will personally help your organisation ~ in whatever sector ~
achieve increased efficiency, evolution, and success.
His experience at the highest levels is considerable ~ gained over 45 years as an accomplished business leader in his own right.

To arrange a preliminary, cost-free meeting with Ken you can contact him directly
on 0151 733 9231; or 07808 870 614; or E-mail:
or simply complete and submit the Enquiry Form below.

Ken Pye: Knowledge:
Providing Bespoke Business and Professional Development Tools